Sunset Boulevard


Accompany your private guide, in the royal footsteps of Louis XIV on the Grands Boulevards, a name synonymous with pleasures and entertainments for French People. Theaters, cinemas, legendary shopping malls of the 19th century, and of course centuries-old cafés, will be waiting for you here in the beating heart of the City of Lights. 

This tour is an immersion in the legendary promenade of the European aristocracy of the 19th century. Between secret covered passageways and picturesque boulevards, learn and experience the beginning of modern Paris, and some interesting anecdotes on the French drinking culture. The tour ends with a dinner in a restaurant recommended by your Foodographer.

Price per private group of 1 to 4:

A French evening starts with the “aperitif” - wine, champagne, or a cocktail. Enjoy this moment of leisure, a time purely designed to build friendships over an early drink, a building stone of French social life, while your private guide imparts the secrets of the grand boulevards neighborhood, the history of French beverages, the art of drinking, and the nightlife that catered to the rich European tourists attracted to Paris when it became the capital of Modernity.

Leaving the busy streets of the Boulevards, you will then discover the covered passages, a maze of hidden streets full of elegant shops from another era. These fabulous covered arcades built during the 19th century were meeting places for ladies, who could stroll there on their own, sheltered from public scrutiny.  


End your French promenade in one of the genuine cafés of the area, where your private guide will reveal the life and history of the area, help you decipher its secrets, and marvel at the long history of French beverages and drinking culture. 


Bearded ladies of La Belle Epoque

One of the earliest uses to which film was put was publicity. The first advertisements on film date from 1895, and were for chocolate, beer, hats, and corsets - all very Belle Epoque commodities. In 1914, Paris boasted thirty-seven cinemas, many of them along the boulevards.

“The boulevards, full of energy and vitality, remained the prime sites for the consumption of the theatrical and spectacular arts which formed such a large part of Paris's image in the wider world.  They contained most of the up-market théâtres, as well as the smartest cinemas. They were also the home of the cafe-concerts. These had emerged in the 1840s, and offered a cheap night out for the popular classes in the form of sociable drinking, light music, plus some optional turns which ranged from bearded ladies, animal turns, and fire-eaters”.

Paris, Biography of a city, Colin Jones.

-The great hall of the Opéra of Paris.

-Grand Boulevards.

-Covered passageways.

-The best pastries in Paris.

-A legendary Brasserie.

-Palais Royal and the king's theater.


Available: Daily
Start Time: 4pm
Duration: 4 Hrs
Meeting Point: Exit of Metro Quatre September
Includes: Private Guide
Excludes: Cost of Transfers, Meals,Tastings

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"We want to thank you for working with us to find a time agreeable to us and your organization for the wine tour. Charlotte took us to places we never would have gone to on our own."  


Parisien bar lounge


Because we know from experience that wine tastings can often be too formal, we have created for you exciting but relaxing aperitif tours, selecting places where you can truly feel the soul of a neighborhood. Literally meaning an “appetizer time”, aperitif takes place before dinner, between 6p.m. and 9p.m. A perfect connoisseur of the art, your private guide will share with you all the secrets of the beverages of your choice--from their origins and “terroir” to their history and consumption habits through time.

We selected the city's best bistros and terraces for you. Stories fitted to the venues are waiting for you along this route. After this aperitif experience, you will never watch the world go by in the same way again.



"Although a healthier France was identified with wine growing regions, wine was portrayed as a national resource that contributed to the development of a distinctive national culture”. Alcohol, a social and cultural History, “Mon docteur le vin”, wine and health in France 1900-1950, Kim Munholland.