Sunset on the Hill of Dreams


Your experience would not be complete in Paris without enjoying your own glass of wine, cup of champagne, or cocktail in some of the city's best kept secret locales on this tour. 

The bucolic and quiet ambiance of Montmartre transports you from the busy and bustling streets of the city directly to another time and place. The winding paths will enchant and invite you to slow your pace as you follow your guide on its legendary slopes. Learn about the mysteries of the green fairy of bohemians (aka absinthe), the artistic, free-spirited life of its inhabitants, and the historic vineyards du Clos.  Enjoy the sunset from the highest point of Paris on the legendary hill, toasting with a drink, and catching a glimpse of the “independent soul” of the storied area of Montmartre.

Price per private group of 1 to 4:

As you will discover with your private guide, there are several Montmartres in one : you will find the first at the top of the hill around the Sacré Cœur, where you can experience one of the most beautiful vantage points of Paris. Tucked just behind this monumental church, you will explore the second, namely the rustic and enchanting neighborhood of Butte Montmartre, where you can follow the footsteps of the likes of Picasso and Modigliani.

The two Montmartres are included in this tour. Before dropping you at your restaurant, your private guide will take you to a very beautiful hidden garden.



Behind a glass to lighten your spirits and an informal lesson on drinking culture in France, you will be invited to capture your own memories of this wonderful neighborhood with a beautiful picture of Paris from the staircase of the Sacré Cœur.  From this vantage point, you will truly feel your feet placed on the beating heart of the city.

After a stroll through this world renowned hill, you will end this very special aperitif tour with a visit the best champagne cellar of Paris for a unique champagne tasting.  



There are thousands of stories worth idling about the cabarets in France, and the social meaning of this kind of place deserves a full analysis. The French cabaret—as we know it today—appeared around the year 1830. The cabaret was dedicated to relaxing and entertaining the lower middle class living in towns, typically in Paris. The part of Paris called Montmartre was the birthplace of the cabaret. Authors, painters, writers, musicians, chansonniers, and poets—some famous, some unknown—and generally those who led a bohemian way of life would meet in the Paris cabarets. Absinthe, the main target of the anti-alcohol leagues, was the chief beverage. The cabaret was the place for social life. It was also a place for discussing politics and for transgressing all rules. The most important role of the cabaret would be missed if it were considered as a place for entertainment only. In fact, the social life in the cabaret involved not only the drinking at the bar, but also the mingling—the establishing of relationships among the Paris intelligentsia, young men from the country, impecunious artists, and politicians, who all discussed the world and set forth their ideals and expectations, from the most serious to the most crazy”.

Alcohol and temperance, a global History.

-Wine tasting in a private garden.

-Sacré Cœur.

-The Real Montmartre.

-Champagne tasting next to Van Gogh’s studio.


Available:  Daily
Start Time: 4pm
Duration: 4 Hrs
Meeting Point: Exit of Metro Abessess
Includes: Private Guide
Excludes: Cost of Transfers, Meals,Tastings

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"We want to thank you for working with us to find a time agreeable to us and your organization for the wine tour. Charlotte took us to places we never would have gone to on our own."  


Parisien bar lounge


Because we know from experience that wine tastings can often be too formal, we have created for you exciting but relaxing aperitif tours, selecting places where you can truly feel the soul of a neighborhood. Literally meaning an “appetizer time”, aperitif takes place before dinner, between 6p.m. and 9p.m. A perfect connoisseur of the art, your private guide will share with you all the secrets of the beverages of your choice--from their origins and “terroir” to their history and consumption habits through time.

We selected the city's best bistros and terraces for you. Stories fitted to the venues are waiting for you along this route. After this aperitif experience, you will never watch the world go by in the same way again.



"Although a healthier France was identified with wine growing regions, wine was portrayed as a national resource that contributed to the development of a distinctive national culture”. Alcohol, a social and cultural History, “Mon docteur le vin”, wine and health in France 1900-1950, Kim Munholland.