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Cafe & Conversation Breakfast


The French café is the place where you can relax, feel, touch, and taste the very independent Parisian soul. It is a crossroad and a meeting place where greeting everyone, including perfect strangers, is the rule. Each visit is an opportunity to meet interesting locals.

Learn French about the history of French food stories as you enjoy the best hot chocolate at a legendary shop, visit the oldest café of Paris, wander through the city’s oldest market, and try award-winning pastries from a famous left bank bakery.

We end at the Café de Flore, where great writers and artists can still be found debating the great issues of the day.

Price per private group of 1 to 4:

Starting in the legendary Rue Moufettard and ending at Notre-Dame, this tour is a journey through sweets and treats into the world famous Quartier Latin.

Following the oldest stones of the city, you will discover the Arenas of Paris, hidden from the street. Sitting where Romans from antiquity sat before you, you will learn about the exotic recipes and table manners of the Gallic and Roman times. After evocations of the banquets of that time, your appetite should be ready for our next stop : an old sweets' shop offering the traditional French candies. Your foodographer will explain the history of the terroir where each specialty originated, and the stories behind the delicious treats. Each region of France boasts its own goodies and you don’t want to miss any!  


 Save room for later, as your guide leads you to the best pastries and bakeries of the city in the shade of the Panthéon, the hill Sainte Geneviève, or by the beautiful Luxembourg gardens. Most can be taken away, wrapped with expertise by the pâtissier, to bring home or just for later in the day, although the most delicate might require your immediate attention.

While walking in medieval streets, your guide will tell you surprising and amusing anecdotes about the French confectionery and eating habits. Children will love to learn the very simple recipe of the roudoudou, or that of the love apple, the pomme d'amour, while everyone enjoys a hot chocolate prepared using an 18th century recipe. And if this is all too sweet for you, let yourself be transported in time to the court of Versailles, and learn all the secrets of coffee, as well as its influence on French philosophy and literature.

Walking by Notre-Dame, hear the stories, real or legendary, associated with the pilgrims of the Middle-Age, Victor Hugo's Quasimodo, the monks who made sweet liquors on the bank of La Seine. What remains of that time, which had neither chocolate, nor coffee, and no sugar? After pausing to remember these sugarless times, you will come back to the generous present, and be challenged to choose between the 72 flavors of the finest Parisian ice cream.


The king’s secret, the ladies' temptation:

Discovered in Central America, the process of making chocolate remained one of the best kept secrets of the Spanish Monarchy for years. Queen Anne, the mother of Louis XIV, and Maria Theresa, his wife, both grew up in Spain, and in turn, introduced the trend to French society. Drinking hot chocolate quickly became the fashionable thing to do. The Aztec potion with purported aphrodisiac powers was unsurprisingly condemned by the Church, and forbidden to Ladies. The devilish drink was accused of being the origin of every bad habit. However, the “plague of hysteria” prophesied by religious zealots never happened, and the prohibition of hot chocolate did not last for long. Its appetite-suppressing effect and many other virtues discovered by doctors and consumers made it the favorite drink of the aristocracy and of the upper society for a long time.

-Meeting in a literary Café

-The oldest café/restaurant of Paris

-Saint-Germain des Près


-Les Deux Magots or Le Café de Flore


Available: Daily
Start Time: 9am
Duration: 4hrs
Meeting Point: Outside metro Cardinal Lemoine or your Paris central accommodation.
Includes: Private Guide
Excludes: Cost of Transfers, Meals, Tastings

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Parisien Cafe


No trip to Paris would be complete without sitting at the terrace of a café to watch the scenes. To spend an afternoon with a friend over ‘un petit café,’ while you watch Parisians bustle by, is a uniquely French form of relaxation. But there is more to sitting in a café than just relaxing over a drink. Cafés are the beating heart and soul of art, culture, and food in France.

During your exploration of the café culture of Paris, you will have time not only for tasting wine and café, but also for cheese, pastries, and chocolate. Learn about French history and French psychology by experiencing directly a fundamental French passion: a passionate discussion in a café, where history, wit, literature and sociability make good food even better.



"The destiny of nations turns on how they feed themselves." And of course, the nation that understood the importance of food best was France... Brillat-Savarin, French foodologist, b. 1755.