Terms of Use

Terms Conditions and Cancellations

We strongly advise you to purchase vacation cancellation and medical insurance


All payments are final and non refundable.

In the event the balance is not paid on time we may cancel all services without refund.  If liable for any due balance client's credit card may be automatically debited.

We are not liable to change or refund a service in the event any service is missed or shortened due events which are out of our control including last minute changes due to Medical Reason. This is what travel insurance is for.

In the event we are unable to complete an activity due to our own error or that of our tour service supplier (not hotel), you will be refunded the full or partial cost depending on the percentage of that activity completed.

To pay directly to a service provider any additional costs not stated or included in the original service including extending activity times.


No refunds in the event that fewer participants arrive for a reserved booking or for cancellations. Any balances due for a no show or cancellation will still be due in full at the time of service or we and our service providers have the right to cancel the tour or activity if this balance has not been paid which you agree we may automatically and immediately debit your credit card the full amount of any balance due.

In the event of cancellation or modification less than 30 days in advance or "no show" of a reserved activity:

The balance of the service /activity in question will be automatically and immediately billed by us or service provider without notice.

Clients may not apply any payments made for that activity to pay the balance for another activity or pay the balance for another person in their group for the same activity.

Service providers are not responsible to provide any service unless the balance for ALL reserved persons are paid in full or to provide any refund.

Each service provided is independent and does not rely on the timely completion of another service.

Please note we can not guarantee the timeliness of any service modified less than 7 days prior to start date during high season or event days.